This User Agreement is by and between the County of Burlington and the Undersigned Guest User and is based on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The County has implemented a Wireless Internet Access program that permits Guest Users to access the internet on a temporary basis through the County’s wireless network. Access is strictly limited to Guest Users only.
  2. Upon approval, the Guest Users will be issued a Wireless Access Account. Use of this Account is strictly limited to the assigned Guest User.
  3. The Guest User agrees that he or she will not give access to or otherwise with the use of the Account by any other individual.
  4. The Guest User agrees that he or she will be abide by and not bypass the security measures established by the County or attempt to access damage or impair with Judiciary wireless network in any way.
  5. While using the County wireless network connection, the Guest User agrees not to use the Internet in any way that violates Federal or State law.
  6. The Guest User acknowledges that the County’s wireless network is open to the public and therefore it is not entirely secure. The Guest User further acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for the security of data transmitted and/or received over the County’s wireless network and the Internet.
  7. The County will not provide the Guest User with technical assistance.
  8. The County does not guarantee that the Guest User will be able to connect to the County’s wireless network.
  9. The Guest User agrees to use ear phones when using audio through a wireless device.
  10. The Guest User agrees that he or she will not use the County’s wireless network to view, display or disseminate pornography or any other objectionable or offensive material or engage in an unlawful activity. The wireless network contains filters that block access to such sites.
  11. The Guest User agrees that he or she will not impersonate another person online.
  12. The County reserves a right to discontinue, limit or revise the wireless access program at any time without prior notice.
  13. The Guest User agrees to waive any and all claims against the County for any injury, loss or damage to the Guest User, his or her data or equipment or loss of privacy arising out of the use of the County’s wireless network.
  14. Any violation of any term of this Agreement will result in the immediate termination of the Guest User’s account and access to the County’s wireless network.

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